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About Us

MIssion: To Aspire to Inspire people all over the world that it's okay to be different. We're striving to offer quality and sytle at the best affordable price.  


About Us at KamKouture, LLC :  KamKouture was established in 2013 by C. Kimbrough.  The store started with selling stylish accessories and a curated selection of stylish dresses.  The shop has grown and is known for it's style and grace offering the latest styles and accessories.   Kam lives by "Different is Daring".  You will certainly feel exhilarated with boldness and confidence at all times when wearing KamKouture.  It's an different experience, more so of a personal encounter with Kam.   Kamouture allows you to step out of you're comfort zone and express yourself. Don't be afraid of being Different.  Be afraid of being the same as everyone else. You can buy Fashion, but you can’t buy Style. 


Style speaks without even saying a word.  OWN IT


"Style is Forever" 


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